February 02, 2016

#WhatsForDinner? Freshly Ground Hamburger Patties (from a chuck roast)

Tonight we are having bbq chicken sandwiches using chicken I ground myself using boneless, skinless chicken breasts.  Two nights ago we had burgers (one of my husbands all time favorite meals) with meat I also ground myself, seasoned and made into patties. 

If you are thinking that sounds way too hard... you would be wrong.  It's fast and easy and the flavor of grinding your own meat just can't be matched with store bought frozen patties.  Not to mention the fact that those pre-made and frozen patties often have fillers in them, not to mention preservatives and additives.  I know what goes into my burgers...  meat. And uh, meat.  And meat.

I do NOT have some expensive, crazy intimidating grinder.  As a matter of fact, my husband picked mine up on sale at Lowe's.  It's simple, basic and I have grown to love it.  If you're a regular reader of "An American Housewife" then you know I use it to grind chicken, beef, pork as well as making my own chicken, spinach and feta sausages. 

You can get the Weston Grinder and Stuffer online at Amazon if your local Lowe's doesn't carry it but I also think you can find them at sporting good stores too - check Cabelas or Dick's or Gander Mountain, Bass Pro Shop, etc.  I've not looked for them there but I know they have similar items.

There really isn't a 'recipe' to this.  That's the beauty!


1 Chuck Roast (you can use other cuts like sirloin, or can mix them if you like.  Chuck has great taste for burgers)
Salt, pepper, MSG, onion powder

Cut your roast into small chunks for easier grinding.  Grind according to your grinders instructions.  If you wish (totally optional) you can add seasoning now, before you form patties, or later when you cook or grill them.  If you add it now (I do) I add salt, pepper, MSG and onion powder.  Taste is up to you but I tend to add approximately a teaspoon of each to a batch of a 3-4 pound roast.  Mix well by hand (it's why God gave you fingers).

An easy way to make uniform sized burgers is to divide the meat by half.  Divide each of those halves by half.  And repeat.  When you are to the size patty you like, or the size that will fit well on your bun of choice (store bought buns can run from 2 inches to 5 inches wide!), just flatten to about 1/3" - 1/2".  I like to make a slight indentation in the center - this helps the burgers cook uniformly and as the center cooks, it 'fills in' the indentation and you have a better chance of evenly cooking the burgers without the centers being under done and the edges over done.

Serve as you wish after broiling, frying or grilling!

Other related products you can research and buy through Amazon;
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Weston Heavy-duty Number 8 575-watt Electric Meat Grinder Food Processor
STX INTERNATIONAL STX-3000-MF Megaforce Patented Air Cooled Electric Meat Grinder with 3 Cutting Blades, 3 Grinding Plates, Kubbe and 3 Sausage Stuffing Tubes


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