February 15, 2016

My Homemade (Cold Stone Style) Sugar Free Chocolate and Caramel Ice Cream Cake

While most people are celebrating Valentine's Day, we are more focused on my husbands birthday.  While I was fine with heading over to Cold Stone Creamery and picking up his favorite layered ice cream cake full of chocolate everything with a little bit more chocolate, caramel and... chocolate in it, I was reminded at how he really wanted to eat sugar free as he was texting me photos of the unhealthy snacks and amazing desserts that were being served at the frou-frou resort he was at in Las Vegas for business all week, and telling me he was avoiding them and trying to eat healthy and find healthy options.  Even when I said "enjoy yourself - eat!"  he just really didn't want to.  He wanted to continue to eat sugar free - even when away on business.

Since he was gone all week, I was able to throw together a copy-cat version of his favorite ice cream cake (without him in the kitchen to see it)- but sugar free.  He loved it.  Loved it so much he mentioned it more than a few times, had seconds two nights in a row so far and even brought up again last night how good it was and how he hopes I make it again soon and often.

I did not have any recipe in mind.
I did not look up any ice cream cakes.
I didn't even look up what layers a Cold Stone version has.

I just thought about what I had on hand and what I wanted to throw together.  That's about it.

This is what I ended up with.


Homemade Chocolate Cake (sugar free, almond flour, etc. whatever you wish here is one version)
Sugar Free Chocolate Ice Cream
Sugar Free Vanilla Ice Cream
Sugar Free chocolate sandwich cookies (like Oreos but not)
Sugar Free caramel sauce
Sugar Free hot fudge sauce (make it sugar free)
Sugar Free chocolate candy bar to crumble or curl for decoration

Bake cakes.  Cool.  Leave whole or split each so you have 2 or 4 layers
One cake on the bottom, spread with chocolate ice cream.
Spread some hot fudge sauce.
Spread some caramel sauce.
Sprinkle crumbled cookies.
Repeat layers as you wish.
End with a cake on top.
Put back in freezer for 24 hours.
The next day use crumbled (food processor) cookies scattered on wax paper, and since the cake will start to melt a little bit, use the moisture to your benefit and roll it over the crumbs to cover the sides in cookie crumbs.
Refreeze while you microwave the vanilla ice cream just long enough to soften a little bit so you can scoop it out into a food processor and make it smooth.
Take out the cake and 'frost' it on the top.  Add a decorative edge if you like - work fast!
It will start to melt quickly so be ready to pop it back into the freezer.
When you are ready, chop the candy, crumble on top and drizzle with caramel.

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