A peek into my kitchen this week: My Monster's Inc. 3 tiered cake - Mike Wazowski, Sulley and a base of Boo's door

A peek into my world this week....
Honestly I've been cooking and baking as usual - every meal (since 'home' is our favorite restaurant - we almost never, ever eat out and never have) but I've been uninspired to post anything for quite a while.  Hopefully I'll get my motivation for posting back but until then, there are about 2600 recipes in my files since 2006 or whenever it was I started this blog!  Ha ha.
In the meantime here is a sneak peek into my kitchen this week.   I think you can tell what I've been working on!
The Sulley cake - furry blue/tealish and purple/pinkish cake yumminess!)
Mike Wazowski and Sulley look over my work and cheer me on....
This was some swirled cake batter
Fondant.  Lots and lots of fondant and buttercreme frosting was made this week
Playing around with door ideas
Boo's door... (with a shadow on it - it doesn't really have a blue cast in the corner - that's my hand!)
Designing some eyes for Mike Wazowski - from fondant
Getting ideas for Mike Wazowski eyes... I made a ton of them hoping I'd be happy with at least one!


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