May 03, 2021

Opening my Canned Butter! TASTE TEST of my home-canned butter at the 6 month mark....... (and 18 month mark update)


Last fall I finally canned butter in a pressure canner.  This post is a follow up on the 6 month mark and a taste test.   

Something a million other women and men have done but I had not, was canning butter.

I didn't know if it was going to work out or not, but I wanted to try and thanks to good sale at our local membership warehouse, my freezer food storage had some 'extra' butter I could do a trial run with and not be too upset if it didn't turn out.

You can find many tutorials online and at youtube for canning butter. That's not my post.

My post today is the 'AFTER' of pressure canning butter. 

I have a Presto brand, 23 quart pressure canner. This is an 'after thought' but I need to mention it because it's important... if you haven't bought a pressure canner yet and you have a GLASS TOP ELECTRIC STOVE then you need to be careful of the brand and style you buy!  Many are not recommended for glass top stoves because they will crack them.  I have a glass top stove, which I've always used for water bath canning but I had to be careful when I purchased my pressure canner.   

This also probably goes without saying if you've been doing your research on canning butter - but you never trust water bath canning for items like butter.  And even then - always use brand new, good quality lids so know you have a new seal.

My butter was canned in October 2020.   I wanted to wait to do the first taste test and seal test at about 6 months.

I had to work hard to get that seal off.  That was the first good sign.
When I opened it, it smelled like... butter.   There wasn't much of a scent at all - which is good.
It was just... butter.  That sounds almost too simple but there you go.  It was just... spreadable, creamy, real butter.

It had good, even color.  It had a light, fresh, 'buttery' smell.  

I don't like to eat plain butter so I wasn't thrilled about tasting it by itself. 

I don't typically 'lick my finger' or a butter knife with just butter on it because I'm not a fan.  But for this test, I felt I needed to taste it by itself. I have a crazy good sense of smell and sense of taste - like - oddly good.  I get it genetically from my Dad and my paternal Grandmother.  So taste test I did.

And... it was good. Not only good but it was SO good!  

It was seriously, 'sweet cream butter'.  So light, creamy and good.

Not even a smidgen of off taste.  Not a smidgen of even the taste of room temperature butter - which I thought it would since it's... room temperature.  But since there is no air, it tastes as fresh as the day you canned it.  

It was so incredibly sweet and light and... buttery.  

I really wanted to smear it on some homemade bread - that would have been heavenly!  But because we are primarily low carb and sugar free, I don't have homemade bread on hand so I used it on what I did have at that moment - which was some fresh asparagus I had made.


Final Thoughts

Why did I want to can butter? 

For my readers who are thinking "Why would you can butter!?  Just buy it at the store or put some in the refrigerator or freezer!", this is why I personally wanted to. 

I do keep butter in our freezer for longer term storage.   

Butter is a food item I never want to run out of!  I use a lot of butter in our day to day meals and baking!  

I will always keep butter in the freezer as part of my well stocked kitchen/pantry, but I know first hand about storms and power outages.  We personally have friends and family who have had weather related storms in the past (the Iowa Dericho... I'm looking at you!) who lost power for over THREE WEEKS.  We personally went without power and water for 5 days during an ice storm in Tennessee.

Even if you have a generator - you have to have one large enough to run the multiple appliances you need or want, and you may have to pick and choose what gets power and what doesn't.  One of my good friends had a generator but the first week of the Iowa dericho storms, her husband had to literally spend all day finding gas.  He ended up having to drive 3 hours away to find gas.  That was a 6 hour trip just to find gas for their generator for a storm that was contained to a rather 'small' area. Imagine if it had been even more wide spread.

I want the ability to have butter for meals for my family in the event of an emergency of any sort or to take with when we go camping, on vacation, etc.  

You can buy canned butter.  

Commercially canned butter like Red Feather brand  - currently about $200 for a case of 24 little cans.  The cans are about the size of a can of tuna.  So, 24 cans for $200 verses me canning 24 half pints for about $16 (based on the current price of butter at my local membership warehouse where I bought two 4-packs for a total of 8 lbs. fresh, sweet cream butter yesterday as it was on sale for about $8 for 4 - one pound packages.)

Basically, I want to have the option of having and storing butter without depending on electricity.


(Tiny update the next day...  I made another 18 jars yesterday.  Finished the 'shaking' during solidifying process last night around 9:15 pm.  What a great feeling to see the fruits of your labor!)


Yesterday I grabbed a can of butter out of the 'longer term' storage and decided to test it.  Canned in October, 2020, it's now February of 2022.  The color was still a beautiful 'butter yellow' and the seal tight.  I opened it and found it to be no different at all from the 6 month mark.

I tasted it straight from the can and yum.  It was a nice sweet butter taste and I promptly used a bunch in the sauce I was making for dinner.  I'm thrilled with it.  Simply thrilled!  




You might be interested in some products related to this post - like pressure canners from Amazon.  They are back in stock after being almost impossible to find during Covid shortages in 2020.  I've seen pressure canners back in stock at my local retailers and various sites online but if you prefer to buy from Amazon, please consider using one of my links for your search.  Thanks much!



My particular model is the Presto 23 quart.  It was more affordable than the other really popular brand, but it was also easy to 'learn' and really easy to use.  MOST IMPORTANT?  I knew THIS STYLE/BRAND CAN BE USED ON MY GLASS TOP ELECTRIC STOVE.   This is important because some other brands are not to be used on glass top stoves.



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