Stir Fry - (using a Sun Bird seasoning package)


Stir Fry! Still trying use up and go through a bunch of the food storage items.  Last grocery trip was November 2023 and today is April 21, 2024.  

I use the recipe on the back of the Sun Bird package of stir-fry mix.  

I used oil, amino acids in place of soy sauce, rice, egg powder with water, pre-cooked chicken, and used broccoli instead of peas. 

Egg powder - (I whisked with water to reconstitute).

Rice I made 2 days ago and refrigerated

The recipe - right from the back of the package.

Scrambling the eggs

With chicken and broccoli... because the only peas I have are freeze dried but I don't have any open cans right now and I'd have to dig through our storage closet to find one.  Not that important.  I used broccoli I had in the freezer.


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