Imitation Butterfinger Candy Bars

With just three ingredients you can make a pretty good imitation Butterfinger. The texture won't be the same, but the taste is similar!

1 package 16 oz. candy corn
16 oz. peanut butter
Chocolate coating or chips

Melt the candy corn and add peanut. Stir smooth. I microwaved them together and it took about 2 minutes. The mixture sets up quickly so don't overcook! Immediately press into a lightly sprayed pan. Larger pans like a 9X13 will give you a very 'thin' candy, while a 9X9 square pan gives you a thicker filling. Your choice.

The mixture will be similar to a thick peanut butter fudge filling. Easy to press down. Cut into squares and let set up or refrigerate to expedite. Melt the chocolate candy coating. Dip each piece into the chocolate and lay on wax paper to harden.Print Friendly and PDF