Product Review: Arnold Bakeries Grains & More Breads

My husband and I love whole grain, nutty, nutrition packed breads. Last week we tried two new Grains & More versions by Arnold Bakeries and I'm really excited to tell you... they are good! First off I need to mention that Arnold Bakery may not mean much to someone in the Midwest. Like many companies they go by different names in different parts of the country to Arnold Bakery Breads in the Midwest will be found under the Brownberry name. Ahhh! Now you know the bread I'm talking about right!?

The new Grains & More styles available are Double Fiber, Double Oat, Double Omega and Double Protein. The two (2) versions we tried are the double fiber and double protein.

The double protein version as 100% multi whole grains - 19 grams of grains with 14 grams of protein in every 2 slices. That is double the amount of protein you'll normally find in bread. With a 16 year old son and a husband who lifts weights and both of which love sandwiches, the extra protein is a perk that they don't even know they're getting. I expected the bread to be dry, heavy or crumbly but amazingly, had I not read the package, I would never have known they protein was doubled. Hearty and healthy yet very soft and delicious.

The second loaf tried is their double fiber version. This version had less of the grains and seeds of the other version so my kids liked this version best. It was soft and even textured like a typical wheat bread with no inclination that you were getting double the fiber! 100% whole grains with 45% of your daily fiber in 2 slices, it's not only an excellent source of fiber, but you will never know it!

Best of all for most of the mothers I know, they are not made with high fructose corn syrup!

As wonderful as my husband and I think whole grain, wheat breads are, our kids of course, like most young kids were always partial to white because it's always been softer with a smooth texture and easier to eat. Here is a helpful hint to get your kids started on the path to healthier eating; When you make their next sandwich use one slice white and one slice wheat! The two-colored sandwiches are fun and creative so the kids love having a 'colorful' lunch choice while you know they are getting nutrients as well as eating a sandwich that fills them better than an airy white bread and you are acclimating them to eating whole grains so you can slowly switch to both slices being wheat and you've started your child down a path of healthy eating for life.

For adults, I like my husbands idea of his perfect sandwich; Use one slice of double protein and one slice of double fiber! (I told him I was going to use his idea in my review. I think it's a great one!)Print Friendly and PDF