January 14, 2009

Making Those Chicken Breasts Go Farther.....

Split them!

As a busy Mom of 3 teenagers and wife to 1 husband, our grocery bill has really taken a beating over the past year as the price of gas went up up up... and with it the cost of groceries. The frustration is when the price of gas went back down but the price of our food bill didn't follow! A package of boneless, skinless chicken breasts can set you back almost $10 and there are only 4 breasts in the package!

That is another issue. 4 chicken breasts in a package with 5-6 people to feed.

Last issue. If you are making a stuffed chicken breast recipe you need to pound the chicken out to make it thinner anyway because it's too thick to roll.

ANSWER: Split them.

The breasts are so thick that by slicing them lengthwise with a sharp knife you get 2 breasts from every one and end up with 8 servings instead of 4. These work wonderfully for stuffed chicken breasts or bundles, but also work excellent for making your 4 breasts feed 6-8 people when you bread them, bake them or grill them. With the addition of a side salad and a vegetable as well as a side of the ever affordable pasta you have a full, complete meal that will fill everyone up and you just saved money!Print Friendly and PDF