April 24, 2009

Glitter Fondant Stars for Cakes - Shimmering and Fun!

This morning as I clicked on my laptop computer and prepared to post I remembered my dream from last night. Why would this be worth mentioning here, on my recipe and cooking website? Because the dream was of my boss making cookies at work for the staff. Granted, he's new and has only been there a month and I don't even know if he can cook or bake, and in the dream he was making them in the break room, which has a coffee pot and microwave but that's about it. The most important part of the dream however, is that he was making the shimmering gold fondant stars that I actually made last summer for my FIL's Birthday.

Which is why as I sat here in my kitchen sipping coffee this morning I decided to see if I still had the photos in a cooking file on this computer and if so, I would use that as the topic-of-the-day. And? I do!

These fondant stars are perfect for birthdays and weddings as well as graduations and even mother's day so get a package of fondant (unless you want to make your own... which you totally can do if you want) and let's get to producing some beautiful, fully edible shimmering glitter fondant stars and shapes to decorate cupcakes, cakes and cookies with!!

Shimmering Fondant Cake Decorations

Fondant - any color but white works best
edible glitter dust - only from the cake and cookie decoration aisle. Do not use regular craft glitter.
small bowl
paint brush
cookie cutters or a knife to cut your shapes

Fondant is much like PlayDoh. Work it with your hands and roll out as if you were a child rolling dough again. I like to sprinkle powdered sugar on the working surface so it doesn't stick.

Cut out your shapes and lay them on parchment or foil to dry. High humidity is not your friend so it may take a day or two to dry stiff if you live in a wet environment.

Mix the glitter dust powder with a small amount of vodka in a bowl. paint this on to each of the fondant decorations and let them dry again. The vodka works well because it evaporates so quickly, doesn't make the fondant gummy like water, and doesn't leave any flavor or taste.

When dry, use to decorate your cakes, cupcakes or cookies!

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