April 28, 2009

Recycle that Fruit Basket into a May Basket

In just a couple days you might return home from work or errands to find a basket left on your door step. Perhaps you will be home and hear the doorbell ring only to find there is no at on your front step. Looking down you might spy a little cone of flowers or a basket of popcorn and M&M's at your feet.

You know what that means... May Day! Halfway between the spring equinox and summer solstice, the Northern hemisphere celebrates the first day of May as a day of spring, of flowers and of ribbons and surprises left on doorsteps.

As simple as a rolled piece of paper, construction paper or even beautiful scrapbook paper, or maybe it's a little bag, a basket or another container... how about surprising your neighbors or co-workers with a little Spring basket?

A simple idea that we've used many times over the years (with three children) is a simple fruit basket. Raspberries or strawberries that come in these little baskets can be threaded with paper strips, ribbons or pipe cleaners in bright colors and filled with cookies, popcorn, snack mixes or flowers... real or paper!

A quick glance into my files showed me that I apparently don't have any of our May Basket photos on this laptop. Instead I had to turn to g**gle to find a photo of a fruit basket May Basket... but this one from a general search shows you a simple version of a decorated fruit basket.

A couple of ribbons, a little flower and you are ready to surprise your neighbor or coworker with a tiny little basket to celebrate the first day of May.Print Friendly and PDF