July 26, 2009

Turkey Piegga

At our local high school in addition to the regular lunches, ala carte menu where you can buy pizza or a sandwich and the typical fruit, granola bars and other food choices, they also offer a special lunch choice that is often menu items that would be found in a restaurant or even another country. One of those foods caught the attention of my oldest daughter last year and she would rave about the Turkey Piegga.

Always glad to make my own version of foods my kids rave about I decided to make a Turkey Piegga based on the ingredients my daughter remembered from her school lunch; spinach, some basil, bread, maybe some mayonnaise, and some cheese on a flat bread.

Looking through my cookbooks and files, I didn't find it. Looking on the internet I found that it seemed to be a sandwich that only 'schools' across the nation made and called a Piegga. I couldn't find a clear, concise version that was similar to what my daughter was describing.

Finally, giving up, I wrote to the head cook of the school and requested the information. She was more than happy to give it to me and to hear that one of the students loved it so much that they were trying to make it at home.

I added this recipe to my files and I hope you do too!

Turkey Piegga

Dough for (2) 16” pizzas
Olive oil – 1 oz.
Italian seasoning – ¼ oz.
Shredded Parmesan – 3 oz.

Turkey – 1 lb.
Provolone cheese – 8 oz.
Spinach – 6 oz.
Fresh basil – ½ oz.
Olive oil – 1 oz.
Kosher salt
Pepper –
Mayonnaise – 4 oz.

Mix together olive oil and Italian seasoning. Proof pizza crust to double in thickness, brush with olive oil/Italian seasoning mix. Sprinkle with parmesan cheese. Bake in a preheated oven at 350 convection oven 5-8 minutes.

Place one of the baked crusts upside down – layer as follows;

Salt, pepper, olive oil

Top with second crust.

Cut into 10 pieces. Sandwich can be prepackaged and served cold or grilled on a Panini grill for 3 minutes to serve hot.

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