Update to my Keurig Coffee Review (edited to add an update link)

Two weeks ago we invested in a Keurig coffee brewer. I raved about it to my friends, I sent the link to their website to two of my coffee loving friends and posted about it on two of my websites. I decided that the bad reviews it was getting online about it not working was because the people who wrote them must not have primed it properly when they first bought it or they were not cleanly it properly or descaling it. I made up many excuses as to why this wonderful machine would not work for others.

Also in the back of my mind was the employee at the car dealership where I had my first Keurig coffee, who had to come fix the machine twice, both times I was there. She said their machines jam constantly and break down continuously but that Keurig knows this and that Keurig doesn't even 'fix' their own machines anymore. They just come out every 6 weeks or so and give them a new machine and take the broken one. The dealership gets the machines for free and they just buy the coffee so they continue the 'broken machine' cycle because they aren't really out any money by doing so.

I should have listened.

Today, just two weeks after purchasing and using our Keurig Coffee Brewer, it stopped working.

This morning I enjoyed two cups of coffee before my husband was up for the day. He brewed one cup and left for work. After he left I decided to have one more cup while I read the online news.

I got... nothing.

The machine said it was ready. The lights blinked, asking me which size to brew. But when I pressed the button? Nothing.

Soon I found none of the buttons were responding, not even the 'menu' button. I of course tried to turn the machine off, unplug it for a bit, cleaned the nozzle with a paperclip to be sure it wasn't plugged (it wasn't) and removed and returned the water reservoir to it's place. Nothing. Once in a great while it decides to spit out about a tablespoon of hot water (I'm not wasting coffee k-cups, I'm just trying to get straight water to come out) but a tablespoon of hot water is about all it gives, and only every 8th or 9th attempt.

The hot water it gives in that tablespoon is completely clear with no grounds and really, it can hardly be very dirty after only two weeks of use!

My husband said he will try to return it to the store as I've heard and read it's a major pain to deal with Keurig directly. Hopefully because it's a new purchase, the store will accept it as defective and let us return it.

The big question? Do we get another Keurig or do we admit that the reviews are right and they should be avoided?

Part 1

Part two

Update: I've had a number of emails asking me if I updated again after this article. Yes... unfortunately I did have to update again. And again. You can find the most recent one here. The short version? We were on our 3rd Keurig brewer in 4 months.

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