October 08, 2009

French Toast Bagels

We all sometimes get in a rut with our grocery buying and when it comes to bagels, we have 'our' kind. Onion. Once in a great while I have to get plain because my 13-year old likes the mini-bagels for after school snacks and they only come in the 'plain' style but for the most part I grab onion bagels because it's the kind our family loves either toasted or warmed in the microwave with a schmear of cream cheese, or topped with cream cheese, turkey or ham and lettuce, tomatoes, etc. for a sandwich that is far more filling than the same made with bread.

So, what possessed me one today to put the onion bagels back and reach for.... 'French Toast'? Yes, French Toast Bagels made their way into my grocery cart and all I could think of was how amazing they were going to taste toasted, with just a tiny bit of cream cheese spread and melted on the surface. So, imagine my surprise when I tried it and... hated it so much I gagged and spit it into the garbage. About a week later, feeling guilt for buying them and hating them I tried again. No way. Blech. And my family wouldn't touch them. Plain, onion, egg, even wheat... but a sweet bagel? They just don't have any fans in this house.

They were banished to the back of the refrigerator where they sat for a week before I decided one morning to treat them as 'French Toast'. I mixed up a simple milk and egg wash with a bit of vanilla in it and dipped and soaked them. I cooked them as I would a slice of bread in a pan and topped them with a huge mess of syrup and real butter. The end result? Delicious!! I had found away to salvage those poor, neglected French Toast style bagels. If any of my readers also bought them and gag when trying to eat them with cream cheese, give syrup and butter a try. Lots of sugar and calories, but oh so good on a cold Autumn morning.Print Friendly and PDF