Product Review: Coldstone Creamery Cupcakes

Last month I purchased Coldstone Creamery's cupcakes for a birthday at work. Oh how I only wish I could tell you they looked as amazing as their product photo!

At $14.99 for just six (6) cupcakes, they are pricey but they looked so incredible I had to give them a try. The version I bought was the Sweet Cream style; a Belgian chocolate cup, yellow cake, fudge and sweet cream ice cream topped with white frosting and a chocolate curl. Contrary to the photo, the cake in the bottom of the 'real' version was about 1/4" inch thick. Just enough to keep the bottom of the chocolate cup from getting soggy I suppose but you could barely see the cake at all. I know there was a dollop of fudge but it was invisible (probably soaked into the cake) and the ice cream was tasty but it was much smaller than the big scoop in their product photo. The frosting was creamy and delicious and they did have curls on top although they were more broken and in pieces than the perfect picture (of course!). The taste was delicious though - from the ice cream to the frosting. It was a bit messy to eat so have napkins ready!

Would I buy them again? Yes. And I plan to! This time however I want to purchase them for my family, and will try the Cake Batter Deluxe version. At $15 a pop they are a bit too expensive but if you watch the Sunday coupons and internet specials and can find a $3 off coupon, they are worth trying for a special occasion.

Bottom Line? Thumbs up for their creamy deliciousness!Print Friendly and PDF