July 25, 2011

Camping This Weekend: Cooking our socks next to the biscuits

This morning I'm running behind and must get to the office so it's a quick post, but one I think my readers will enjoy.  This is a photo of camping this weekend.  It was triple digit heat, coupled with unbelievable humidity and yes, rain.  When it wasn't raining the wind would blow through the trees and the trees would drop big, fat drops down on us as if it were still raining.  And the humidity levels were so high that nothing would dry.  Nothing.  Not shoes, socks, the clothing you were wearing or even your hair. 

It all makes for funny memories though...  like trying to dry socks and a pair of shorts over the campfire at the same time we are attempting to make biscuits.  For the record the shorts were a lost cause and so wet it was a waste of time and the socks finally dried after 3 hours but were so caked with dirt and mud they were stiff as a board and were great for a laugh but little else.Print Friendly and PDF