Incredibly Easy Grilled Vegetables in Olive Oil

This weekend was hot, lazy and wonderful.  The temperature was up and the sun was out; what a great weekend to grill.  So, we did.  Both nights.   The first night my husband manned the grill and made cheeseburgers.  The second night, I took over and we had spicy grilled shrimp with an array of incredible vegetables that were so delicious I wish I could offer you a bite from your computer monitor.

The marinade they were in was so simple it almost too easy.

Red onions, quartered
Whole mushrooms
Zucchini, sliced on the diagonal
Olive Oil
Sea Salt
Fresh cracked black pepper
Dried Italian seasoning or Oregano

In a glass container or a ZipLoc mix your vegetables with enough oil to coat depending on how many vegetables you choose to use.  Season with a heavy dose of fresh black pepper and sea salt.  Add a liberal sprinkle of dried Italian Seasoning mix.  Let marinate a few hours if you have the time although even 1 hour is ok if it's all you have.  Grill over medium high heat or coals, turning often to grill all sides.  I like to use a grill pan (or a round pizza pan with holes all over it) for small items like mushrooms and onions so they don't fall through the grates.  Serve nice and hot.


Marinating in olive oil and spices 







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