February 03, 2012

Another year has passed already and it's time for my Annual Homemade Valentine's Day Cookies!

As a Mom of three kids, I've been making cookies for little ones for about 21 years now.  The thing is, my kids are getting older and going off to college... but they still want cookies of course!

Every year I make red and pink and white 'pretty' cookies but readers who have been around for a couple years have seen me play with the decor a bit.  Like the year my daughter and her boyfriend broke up right before Valentine's Day so I made her cookies with "loser" "geek" and "luv sux" on them, which cheered her up immensely and made her friends laugh.

And remember when I offered to send cookies with my husband to work for all the guys he works with?

Let me repost that one... (cut and pasted from my original post)

"Honey, I've got a ton of cookies... do you want to take some to work?"
"Yeah... I guess I could. I've got a meeting tomorrow morning with my guys.... I could bring some."
I could tell he was a little hesitant.
"I know. They're kind of girly."
"Too bad they don't say 'John Sucks' on them or something...."
"Oh! But they can!"
And? They did.

I did not photograph the 'personalized' cookies using their names for use on the website, but I took some of the others that said lovey dovey phrases like;

Dude U Suck

Oh Crap

Love Sux


So Not Cool


The personalized cookies said; "John Sux" and "Mike Sux" on them.

I guess when he walked in with the cookies the next morning the guys started to razz my husband and give him a hard time about bringing in little pretty cookies...

"Just read them"

And they did.

And they laughed.

This year, have some fun... make some cookies and get creative with your decorating.  Break-ups, divorce, 'manly' cookies, or pretty little dainty ribbons and hearts....  anything goes!Print Friendly and PDF