February 15, 2012

Quick and Easy Gravy - No pan drippings required

This afternoon I was wondering what the oldest recipe I had uploaded to my files but had never posted was. I made a deal with myself to post whatever recipe was still in 'draft' mode from the beginning of this blog.

 In the end, I broke that deal. It was Eggnog Cookies. And not too many people have extra eggnog left over that they are looking to use up right now. (If you do still have Eggnog in the refrigerator from Christmas, might I suggest you throw it out?).

My next recipe in draft mode, never published was a form of gingerbread and then, a pumpkin pie. The first recipe that I could post from my 'oldest draft mode files' that was even slightly relevant to February, was gravy. And as a lover of gravy on everything from biscuits to bread to potatoes, stuffing and more... gravy is good to make any day of the year!

Quick and Easy Gravy - no pan drippings

1 c. milk
1 T cornstarch
1 chicken bouillon cube

1/4 t ground black pepper

salt to taste
Combine ingredients in a saucepan on the stove. Whisk while cooking over medium to medium-high heat. Bring mixture to boiling stirring frequently. Only boil for 1 minute before removing from heat. Let it stand for a few minutes to thicken a bit while you get the rest of the food on the table. Great on biscuits or mashed potatoes.Print Friendly and PDF