February 03, 2012

Low Carb Greek Feta Pizza

I don't know much longer I'll be posting low carb recipes so grab them while you can!   Actually, this is a food my regular readers will recognize.  A variation on one of my favorite pizza's that I regularly make for our family that has been posted and pictured a number of times.  Normally made with my homemade pizza crust, mayonnaise, garlic, feta cheese, onions and spinach but in order to cut the carbs down to a manageable amount I came up with this today for lunch.

Using the Ole brand extreme wellness tortilla, it has 17 grams carbs, but 12 grams fiber so you are left with a total of 5 carbs.  The other ingredients are less than 1 carb except the garlic.  For that, add a carb.  If you can afford just a couple more carbs, go ahead and add a few ripped up spinach leaves and onions and even a diced dried tomato.  If you want to keep the carbs low, make the version I did.

Low Carb Greek Feta Pizza
An American Housewife

1 low carb tortilla
1/3 c mayonnaise
one clove garlic (or about a 1/2 teaspoon)
1/3 c feta cheese, crumbled
sliced black olives - a small 4 oz. can or slice as many as you want from a larger can
dried oregano - about 1/3 teaspoon
*options:  parmesan, spinach leaves, red onion sliced thin, dried tomato

Mix the mayonnaise with the garlic and feta.  Spread on a tortilla.  Sprinkle with oregano and top with black olives (or use Greek olives if you have them on hand.  I don't).

Place under the broiler of your oven for about 3 minutes until golden bubbly.  Remove to a plate, cut like a pizza and serve.  These are awesome appetizers too for a crowd - not necessarily watching carb intakes, but for anyone.Print Friendly and PDF