Homemade Rolls or Hamburger Buns

We grilled out last weekend, and because we haven't been eating foods with flour in them for a couple months, I neglected to think about the fact that my husband and daughter would want a hamburger bun with their cheeseburger and of course, I hadn't been buying buns at the grocery store.  Oops.  No worries.  I whipped up some homemade buns which not only taste great, but homemade buns are much more filling than the 'mostly air' store bought versions.  Men that normally eat 2 or 3 burgers on a store bought bun can usually only eat 1 or 2 on a 'real' bun as they are more substantial, but I also love that they don't include all the preservatives and chemicals a packaged version does.

This recipe is a very basic, classic, white dough recipe.  Use it for 2 loaves of bread, one bread braid, 2 or 3 french loaves or of course, buns!

Classic White Dough

12 oz. warm water
1 1/2 t salt
2 T butter
4 c unbleached bread flour (or use all purpose if that is what you already have)
2 T dry milk powder
2 T sugar
1 3/4 t yeast, dry

Either place this in a bread machine (in the order your machine requires) and run on the dough setting or place into a large KitchenAid style mixer with a bread dough hook and knead/mix for up to 10 minutes.  

I used the electric mixer and placed the water, salt, sugar and yeast in first;  let it set and proof for about 2 minutes and then added the butter, dry milk and flour.    Let your dough set for about 10 minutes after kneading to rest.  Remove the dough from the machine or the mixer bowl.  Divide it in half.  Then each half into half.  Then each of those halves into half.  This is how you will get fairly equal sized balls.  

If making rolls to go with a meal divide them until you have golf ball sized balls.  If using for hamburger buns, stop dividing the dough when they are double that size so they will be large enough for the hamburger patties.  

Roll and flatten a tiny bit in your floured hands and place on greased or parchment lined baking sheets.  Bake at 375F for approximately 15 minutes but this can be up to 22 minutes depending on the size buns you make, the thickness of your baking sheet and your oven.  When they are golden brown remove them, brush the tops with butter for a softer bun and let cool to warm to serve as rolls or cool completely and serve as hamburger buns.

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