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Father's Day is coming up - would you love to make an incredibly cute 'beer cooler cake' for him?  I found this online at the Global Sugar Art site and love it!  The instructions on their site include photos and links to the products they sell to make it. They have a huge assortment of baking and decorating products and I've ordered from them a few times over the years. 

Step 1

Cover a 13x18 inch cake drum with Satin Ice white fondant. While the fondant is still fresh, use a ruler to evenly mark the spacing for your boards. Do this on both of the longest sides of the cake drum. Connect the marks from one side of the board to the other with a veining tool. Cover your workspace with newspaper and lay the fondant covered board on the newspaper.. Make a mixture of 1/2 brown airbrush color and 1/2 alcohol. Use a pastry brush and make long strokes from one end of the board to the other. Once the alcohol evaporates the board will start to look like wood. Let the board dry.

Step 2

Bake two 7x11x2 inch cakes using the Fat Daddio's Sheet Cake Pan (7 Inch x 11 Inch x 2 Inch). Once cooled,  fill and stack to create a 7x11x4 inch cake. Measure 1 inch from the edges of the cake and 1-inch deep, to make a rim on the cooler. Carve out the center of the cake to hold the ice and beer cans.  Crumb coat with butter cream. Then cover the cake with Satin Ice blue fondant. Use a veining tool to make horizontal indentations in the cooler.  Roll out a thin piece of white fondant. Use the FMM ribbon cutter to cut an even strip for the rim of the cooler. Attach with a water brush. Use an x-acto knife to trim around the top.

Step 3

To make the cooler handles, cut two pieces of GSA White Poly Dowels 2-½ inches long. Roll out a piece of white gumpaste into a rope shape. Place one end of the gumpaste into each end of the dowel rod. Roll another small piece of gumpaste to cover the ends of the dowel rods. This also helps the ends stay in the tubes. Place on a CelPad2 by CelCakes to dry before attaching to cooler. When ready to attach to the cooler use a thin piece of gumpaste, dampened with water and attach to the side of the cake. Cut another thin piece of gumpaste to place over the top part of the handle. This makes the handle look more complete.

Step 4

For the Bud Light emblem on the front of the cooler you will need to use the FMM Sugarcraft Arch cutter set. With the largest arch, cut 3 arches using red, blue and gray fondant. Use the next largest arch cutter cut out the centers so you are left with what looks like a letter “C”. Attach one on top of the other, starting with the red, then blue and ending with the gray on top, overlapping slightly. Use a waterbrush to adhere together. Use an x-acto knife and cut into the curved part of the “C” to create a tail. Attach to front of cake with small pieces of wet gumpaste.

Step 5

Using the block letter Block Upper Case Letter Clikstix Cutter Set by Windsorcut out the words “BUD LIGHT” using blue, white and red fondant. Again overlapping slightly, attach one of each color together with a waterbrush. Starting with red on the bottom, white in the middle and ending with blue on top. Attach to cake with waterbrush.

Step 6

If you do not wish to make your own sugar bottles you can just use four real cans. To create the ice cubes, melt clear isomalt sticks in the microwave, and then poured the hot syrup mixture into a Tiered Square Silicon Chocolate Mold by Fat Daddio. When set , pushed them out of the mold. Arrange the ice around the bottles or cans. If you have any little pieces place them on top of the cans for a real cool look. To finish off the cake use a whole (emptied) beer can and attached it to the cake board with a ball of moistened fondant. Melted some more isomalt sticks and added a little gold Americolor. Use a spoon and drizzle over the lip of the can so it looks like the beer is overflowing out of the can.

Or, how about this Golf Cake for Dad?  

Tutorials for the Beer Can Cooler Cake and the Golf Cake as well as many, many more ideas and instruction pdf's are available on their site as well!

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