Flour Tortillas are Quick and Easy if you Own a Tortilla Press

Homemade Tortillas  

A couple days ago I posted a recipe for chicken taco's.  This is a photo (above) of the flour tortillas I served with them.  We had just returned from vacation so our refrigerator was bare and we were out of tortillas.  I have to admit that there are such amazingly yummy flour tortilla options on the market that I actually prefer a good store bought version (thick and homemade tasting and looking) to the actual homemade versions. 

If you want to make homemade tortillas you can certainly roll them out very thin by hand, but I happen to have a tortilla press.  I bought it perhaps 15 years ago, and although it's not an expensive nor cast iron version, it was affordable and works great.

I have this one: Norpro Aluminum Tortilla Press which sells for under $15 but you can use any press.

Norpro Aluminum Tortilla Press
I also have Walmart's Flour Tortilla Mix on hand - although making them from scratch is as easy as some shortening, flour and salt. 

Mix up your dough, divide equally in half, then each half divided into half again, etc.  With 2 cups mix and 1/2 cup water, kneaded for about 5 minutes and then left to rest 15 minutes and divided equally until you get walnut sized balls, you will have about 8 balls (tortillas).   You simply flour lightly, press in your tortilla press and then briefly cook on an oiled griddle or hot surface, flip and serve.

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