Southern Pulled Pork - Shredded BBQ (baked in my Global Sun Oven!)

Southern BBQ.  Spicy pulled pork with a hint of sweetness to offset the vinegar based marinade.  Oh so good and so easy!

Years ago (while I was living in Northern Minnesota and not even remotely near the deep South) I fell in love with a vinegar based Southern BBQ.  While the phrase bbq typically means "tomato based"  or  "red" up North, in parts of the South the only good bbq hasn't a hint of tomato in it.  It's a wonderful mixture of cider and white vinegars with red pepper flakes and a smoky tang.  And that is the bbq pulled pork I came to love about 15 years ago and have enjoyed ever since.

Southern BBQ - Pulled Pork Sandwiches

I've made this many ways and one option you have is to cook the meat first and add the marinade after cooking or cook the pork in the marinade from the start.  

My own experience has shown the bbq is more spicy and not sweet if it's been cooked in it and is a bit more mild and sweet if added after cooking.  I would suggest if it is for your family or kids or a large group, I'd add the flavoring after cooking.  If it's for adults who like spicy bbq and not much sweetness, go ahead and cook it in the vinegar based marinade.

1 pork roast  (use a medium sized roast. If it's small - halve the recipe ingredients)

Cook in a slow cooker or crock pot all day with just salt and pepper seasoned until it's done and so tender you can shred it with 2 large forks.

Shred the meat in about a cup of it's own cooking juices while warm.

 Mix: 1 c white vinegar
1 c apple cider vinegar
1 T white sugar
1/4 c brown sugar, heaping
1 t liquid smoke
1 T dried red pepper flakes
1 T chipolte powder
1 T yellow mustard or beer mustard

Add to the shredded meat. At this point you can let the whole thing cool down and refrigerate over night or even package it up and put it in the freezer for a later date. The setting time allows the flavor to really set in and it's amazing. However you can serve it right away. I would try to let it cook in the slow cooker for at least an hour or two before serving if I had the chance, but you don' t have to.

As it sets, the liquid will be absorbed by the shredded meat so it gets thicker the more time it sits.

Serve on soft buns or rolls with condiments such as dill pickles and mustard with some coleslaw on the side and big glass of sweet tea!

Cook in the marinade for a less sweet, spicy kick

After cooking in the marinade shred while still warm

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