September 17, 2013

A Healthier Cake Donut - (Low Carb, Gluten Free, Diabetic friendly, Sugar Free options)

Freshly glazed they look ooey gooey sweet but nope!  Just the right mixture and sugar free.

While the rest of the world may swoon over a hot, fresh Krispy Kreme donut, they along with any 'yeast' donut dripping in sugary glaze will quite literally make me sick.  They are just far too sugary and sweet for me and my stomach can't handle it.

But, a Cruller or plain cake donut?  I can do that style.  I don't know if it's the yeast or sugar or mixture of both in a 'raised' donut but even the smell puts me off.   I have been on a quest to find a decent recipe to make Crullers and baked cake donuts at home.  For years I've kept my eyes out for a nice Cruller recipe and although this post doesn't feature it, I did a very, very close recipe test last week.  I just want to tweak it a bit.  Today however, you get my latest 'healthy' version of a cake donut.  A cinnamony sugar nutmeg hinted cake donut with an optional glaze and it's BAKED, not fried.

You can make this sugar free if you wish!   I used sugar free honey in the donut and Xylitol in the glaze.  That is up to you.  I also opted for a "mini" donut pan (I'll link at the bottom of this post) but you could use a regular sized pan and get about 4-5 regular sized donuts from it.  I also want to point out I had enough extra batter after the 12 mini donuts to make a tiny little mini loaf pan as well and it baked up perfectly so I also will say if you choose to use tiny little loaf pans, they make adorable little coffee cake loaves. 

Cake Donuts

1 heaping cup almond flour
1 T good quality coconut flour (if you don't have this, just use about 1/4 c more almond flour)
1 t nutmeg
1/4 t salt
1/4 t baking soda
1/4 t cinnamon
1/8 t ginger
1/8 t mace if you have it - if not, leave it out - no worries
1 extra large egg or 2 smaller eggs
1/4 c butter, melted
2 T honey
1/2 t vanilla

Mix the almond flour, coconut flour if you are using it, nutmeg, salt, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, mace in a bowl with a fork or whisk.  Make a hole in the center.  Crack the egg, whisk while pouring in the melted butter, honey and vanilla.  Incorporate into the dry mixture.  Place the mixture into a frosting decorator or a ziploc baggy for easy pouring into a lightly greased donut pan, mini loaf pans or regular sized donut pan.  If you don't want to use a baggy or frosting bag, spoon the batter in and smooth around with a spoon or your finger.  Bake in a preheated 350 degree oven until done.  I can't give you an exact time as I baked mine in a solar oven outside in the sun on my patio.  But start to check around 8 minutes.  Let set in the pan to cool for about 3 minutes and turn out to cool on a wire rack. 

You can dust with sugar, cinnamon, powdered sugar or substitute equivalent or if you want a simple glaze as I did, I mixed about a tablespoon of granulated Xylitol with a bit of cinnamon, about 1/2 teaspoon butter and a bit of almond milk (maybe a teaspoon?) and spooned this over my mini donuts.

Here is my donuts baking in my Global Sun Oven®... and no I don't expect you to bake that way!  I know most people don't have one, which is totally fine!  Which is why you can bake them in your oven.  I used this option because it was 90 degrees that day and I didn't want to heat up my kitchen.

You can see I got 12 mini donuts plus a mini loaf pan.

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