September 09, 2013

Cooking from Food Storage: Herbed Mashed Potatoes with Cheese

Although the government and FEMA suggest every person in America have an emergency kit, medication and food for at least 72 hours following any sort of disaster...  I would hope that most of you have a longer plan.  But, that would be a post for another day.  We have long and short term storage for emergencies and in the short term, are things that are used and replaced to keep them at optimal freshness.   Something cheap, quick and easy to prepare are dehydrated potato products.  This week I picked up a container of mashed potatoes from Sam's Club - over 3 pounds (65 - 1/2 cup servings) for about $6.  (Also available online for a little more; Idahoan REAL Premium Mashed Potatoes)

If you are using food storage you can use instant mashed potatoes, freeze dried cheese, butter powder, dry milk powder and dehydrated spices.  You can dress 'up' or dress 'down' potatoes in so many ways.  The addition of herbs, cheese, sour cream, butter, bacon... have fun and play with your food.  This made about 8 servings

Mashed Potatoes

3 c water
1 c reconstituted milk (I use 1/2 c canned evaporated milk plus 1/2 c water to reconstitute)
4 T butter (Powdered Butter)
2 c dry potato flakes
Shredded Cheese (Freeze-Dried Cheddar Shredded Cheese)(reconstitute or add dry with 2 T more liquid water or milk as needed)

Salt and pepper to taste
Garlic powder to taste
Mrs. Dash or other seasoning you prefer
Options:  cooked, crumbled bacon, Ranch dressing mix to taste, cream cheese, sour cream, etc.

Heat the water, milk and butter.  If you are using dry milk, freeze dried cheese or other dried products add the additional tablespoons of liquid as needed.  Bring to a boil or 'almost' boil - add to the dry potato flakes and stir.  Let stand 1 minute.  Add more liquid milk or water as needed to get the personal texture you prefer in your mashed potatoes.  Stir in the salt, pepper and seasonings - stopping to taste and season to your personal preference.  Our family loves them very cheesy, with lots of garlic!  

Dehydrated foods simply need water... and heat

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