September 25, 2013

Oster should be ashamed of their cheaply made appliances. Gone are the days of quality.

I put a lot of thought into which blender I was going to purchase last year.  I don't have a large budget but one of my top priorities was it had to have a power motor to chop ice for frozen drinks.  My second priority was a simple 'on' and 'off' switch that was not digital or electric as I did not want to deal with those components breaking (as they always do).

I decided on the traditional 'style' Oster blender - the Beehive version (Oster Designer Series Beehive Blender,  Chrome)  because it offers a simple 2 speeds (all we really need) and it's a toggle switch - which I love!  In general I was thrilled.  It's a glass jar, heavy, well made.  The motor was powerful and I love how it crushed ice with ease yet worked great for soups, batters and other items.

Then only hesitation was I read a lot of people had issues with the base cracking.  But... we never think it will happen to us, right?  Wrong.   I have to say;  OSTER - WHY DO YOU MAKE SUCH A CHEAP, FLIMSY, CRAP PLASTIC BASE RING!?   Seriously, the whole machine is awesome except that thin plastic black base that screws the glass jar in.  And it cracks and breaks about as easy as...  a little girls plastic headband. Think of the cheapest, thinnest, most brittle plastic you can.  That is what they used!

This machine needs a sturdy base.  Everyone on Amazon seems to have to purchase a replacement base - and again, it's the cheap plastic.   After mine cracked I grabbed some gorilla glue and duct tape.  I glued the base to the glass jar, used duct tape to hold it in place while the glue dried and then removed the tape.  So far so good... I just have to be careful with it.   Works for now and I still love the powerful blender and thick, heavy duty glass jar and sharp blades... but hate the cheap plastic base that forces me to GLUE MY BLENDER!   Oster... you should be ashamed.

This is the blend I bought;

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