September 27, 2013

Sugar Free Chocolate Cream Filled Cupcakes (and my own little version of Sugar Free Ding Dongs!)

If you follow me on Twitter, then you know I told you I was making a sugar free, healthy chocolate cake this week for my husband.  Only it ends up I changed my mind.  After mixing the batter, I decided cakes are just too boring.  I wanted to make them into Ding Dongs.  A healthy version of a Ding Dong since I don't buy the real ones.  The problem was I only 3 little tiny round Ding Dong shaped pans and it would take a L O N G time to bake all those tiny little cakes!  So I grabbed the cupcake pans, the liners, and went to town.

YUM!  They turned out so good and I don't feel guilty in the least bit giving these to my family.

Low Carb, Sugar Free, Chocolate Cake

2 1/4 c Honeyville almond flour
3/4 c cocoa powder
1/2 c erythritol granules
1/3 c whey protein powder
1 t instant coffee
2 t baking powder
1 t baking soda
1 t xanthan gum
1/2 t salt
3/4 c sour cream
1/2 t lemon juice
1/2 c soft butter (1 stick)
5 eggs
15 drops Sucralose liquid or other sweetener
2 t vanilla
2/3 c almond milk

Place all the dry ingredients from the almond flour to the salt, in a large bowl and mix well with a wood spoon, whisk, etc.  Set aside.  In your mixing bowl, beat the butter, sour cream and lemon juice.  Beat in the eggs, liquid sweetener and vanilla.  Add half the dry almond flour mixture, beat well.  Add the almond milk, beat.  Add the last of the almond flour mixture.  Bake in your preferred pan;  a greased and parchment lined 9X13, a greased bundt pan, 2 greased and parchment lined round 8 or 9 inch pans or make into cupcakes.   Bake at 325 degrees.  Test and bake until the center is done.  Let cool about 10 minutes and remove from pans to cool completely.  Frosting with whatever frosting YOU love best.  You can even fill them by squirting a little frosting into the cupcake and then frosting the top.

Here is one buttercreme frosting I use a lot - but this time I added squares of melted unsweetened chocolate to it to make it into a dark chocolate icing - more like the "Ding Dong" dessert I was going for.  I added 4 squares unsweetened Bakers chocolate - but you could add less or more, just do a taste test and see what you like best.

Frosting:  7 Minute Frosting (sugar free)

Lighter Sugar Free Buttercreme Frosting

3/4 c granular Xylitol 
1/4 c water
3 large egg whites (separate and use the yolks in another recipe)
1 stick real butter
2 T vanilla extract or use half vanilla sf syrup and half extract
*If you taste test it and find your personal tastes would like it sweeter, use 5-10 drops liquid sweetener

In a saucepan, place the water and Xylitol. Heat over medium high until it comes to 240 degrees.

As you are heating the sugar substitute and water, mix the egg whites in a large mixing bowl.  Beat the egg whites until soft peaks form.  With the mixer running, pour the hot Xylitol mixture down the side of the bowl in a thin stream, mixing into the egg whites.  Beat approximately 7 minutes on high until the egg whites resemble a thick and glossy meringue.

The original recipe I use calls for 3 sticks butter - which turns out beautiful, but I just have a really hard time using that much butter!  This time I cut it down to about a stick - and it still turned out perfect!  So I am listing 1 stick butter but you CAN add up to the original 3 if you wish.   Start to add the butter in chunks, about a tablespoon at a time.  Keep the mixer running and whip the mixture about 7- 10 minutes more.  If the mixture breaks up when you first add the butter and it looks like cottage cheese, no worries.  Just keep whipping until it's smooth again.  Once the frosting is smooth, add your vanilla and whip again for a few minutes.  If it's a really warm or humid day it might get too warm to work with.  Just refrigerate it for about 7 minutes, whip again.  The cooler temperatures will cause it to harden up again.

Filled... unfrosted

Some products I used in the above recipes;
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