When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. When life gives you dandelions, make dandelion wine!

Rinsing freshly picked blossoms
Although I don't enjoy drinking wine, I have enjoyed making it in the past.  Albeit a quick, easy recipe that includes using a can of grape juice as a starter.

This Spring I got it in my head I wanted to make dandelion wine. The problem was that when researching many (many) different versions and recipes, they all called for basically the same amount of dandelion blossoms; a half gallon.

Most of our yard was treated in the Fall for weeds but we have a large lot so we don't treat the right side (mostly woods and over growth) nor do we go down the slope to the creek area.  I eagerly waited to see if any dandelions would grow.  Sadly, I was thrilled to see these little pesky weeds had indeed found a foothold in those areas.  But, when life gives you dandelions, make dandelion wine!

If you read my website often you know I never really follow recipes... but I do like to find at least 3 (or 4 or 5) versions and then wing it and make my own.  It's going to be a few days process;  starting with picking the blossoms this morning, rinsing them, cleaning the yellow blossoms away from the green parts and finally, immersing just the yellow flowers in boiling water to steep for 3 days.  

More details (and photos) to come!

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