March 01, 2017

Cheese Filled Wontons - this one is Pepper Jack Cheese Wontons

If there are only two ingredients can you really call it a 'recipe'?   You don't even have to measure anything for these yummy snacks -you just use as much or little as you want, depending on how many you want to make!

Our family makes these with all different kinds of cheeses - you can try whatever kinds of cheese you have in your house.  Mainly, I'd say we love these with cream cheese - with or without jalapenos.  But if you have some Pepperjack cheese on hand, it's a super quick way to make an incredible little spicy bite.

Pepperjack Wontons

As many wontons as you want
Pepperjack cheese to equal about 1" square for each wonton
oil to fry
water to seal

Lay out your wontons
Use a finger dipped in water or a pastry brush to brush the edges with water
Lay a cubed piece of cheese on half of the square
Fold over to form a triangle
The water you brushed on the edges will seal the wonton
Heat the oil to about 350 degrees
Cook the wontons until golden brown, turning over as needed
Drain on paper towels
Serve as is or with a favorite sauce if you wish

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