March 24, 2017

The Best Low Carb - Flour Free Bread I've Found.... (so far in about 14 years of various recipe tests)

I hate pretty much all homemade low carb breads.

I've tried numerous different recipes, trials, tweaks, etc. over the past almost-14-years and blech.  Sorry but true.  The cream cheese and egg cloud versions, the carbalose versions, etc. Yuck.  And although the psyllium husk powder versions have been the closest in look and texture they still aren't 'great' but good.  Because I rarely eat bread, instead of continuing to make and choke down versions I don't love, if I'm craving it, I typically either buy a loaf of low carb bread from an online source like Netrition (expensive though) or I just use a small Sandwich Thin (one), or 1 slice of Nature's One brand bread (because they have the lowest sugar grams at 2 g) or use a slice of my regular homemade bread. (We don't eat low carb & sugar free for any medical issues or weight issues - we just eat this way to be healthy so we can add bread or any foods if we 'want' to.)

But I have found one loaf I'm 'ok' with if I'm desperate to quell my craving for bread - and I'm still tweaking it for taste but so far it's the top of the trials in over 13 years of trial and errors.  It looks great, it cuts and toasts beautifully.  The taste is fine although it's still got that low carb 'taste' that regular bread eaters would find unappetizing but those of us who eat low carb all the time are just so excited to eat a slice of 'bread' that we are good with it.  Plus - if you toast it, it helps the flavor.  The texture is still a bit spongy like most psyllium husk based breads, but it's ok.  Not as bad as most I've tried.

Low Carb Bread

10 oz. quality, fine grained, blanched Almond Flour
3 oz. quality, fine grained golden flax seed meal
100 grams NOW psyllium husk powder
1 1/2 T baking powder
1 t salt
8 oz. egg whites
3 oz apple cider vinegar
14 oz. boiling water

Using a scale to measure exact amounts, mix the dry ingredients into a bowl.  (Almond flour, flax seed meal and psyllium husk powder, baking powder and salt.)  Put the water into the microwave and turn it on so it will be boiling in a minute or two (or you could use a saucepan or tea kettle - you just need boiling water). Mix the egg whites with the vinegar.  Add the egg mixture to the mixing bowl with the dry and mix on high speed briefly just to get it mixed.  Do not mix over about 10 seconds total.  Start to pour the boiling water into the mixture and turn the mixer up to high speed to mix for about 10 seconds more.  Do not over mix.  Start to gather it up out of the bowl with your hands and shape it into a loaf shape in a regular sized greased loaf pan.  Bake at 350 degrees until the center is done.  I had to bake mine about 1 1/2 hours and I think it still could have gone about 6-7 minutes longer.  Like 'regular' homemade bread, let it cool about 5 minutes before turning out to cool completely, starting by laying on one side and after about 5 minutes turn to the other side and then 5-10 minutes later turn it right side up. 

I happened to have exactly 100 grams of NOW pysllium husk on hand!  EXACTLY and then it was gone.  That was funny.

Don't over mix.  As soon as you start to gather the dough with your hands it will come into a ball shape

Starting to gather it out of the bowl it forms a ball shape.

Ready to bake!

Ready for toasting or sandwiches

I bought my little kitchen scale dirt cheap from Amazon a few years ago.  I also order my NOW psyllium husk powder online as well as numerous other ingredients. 

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