MCT Oil Infused Coffee (using Caveman Coffee Co.)

Thanks to Caveman Coffee Co. for the coffee, and MCT oil used in today's post.  Find them at:

If you listen to what we thought we knew about coconut oil in the 70's and 80's, it's all false data.  It turns out this was due to studies using hydrogenated and partially hydrogenated coconut oil. That form of coconut oil does contain trans fats, and also contributes to a rise in serum cholesterol levels. That is not the coconut oil of today.  When you know better, you do better; and today we know more about coconut oil.

Coconut oil has about 119 calories and 13 grams of fat per tablespoon, similar to olive oil. It contains medium and short-chain triglycerides which break down in the body and are used primarily for energy production, not stored as body fat. Typically it’s recommended you consume one tablespoon of 'healthy fats' a day and if you are opting to use a coconut oil as that healthy fat (as many on Paleo diets do) then this is a great way to do it and even better way is to use a pure MCT oil derived from coconut oil.

MCT oil is liquid at room temperature and is tasteless. It's a great choice for those who don’t like the taste of coconut oil or who need a liquid oil at room temperature and not a solid.  (Look for MCT oil sourced only from coconut oil because many are sourced from palm oil, which is responsible for the destruction of the rainforest and has destroyed the natural habitat of the orangutan and Sumatran tiger.)   MCT's are easily digested, absorbed, and used as energy for the body.  MCT oil is colorless and virtually odorless.

When I found out Caveman MCT is made from coconut oil and is sustainably raised. I was happy to try their product in my "healthy fat infused" coffee trial. From their site:  "Caveman Coffee Co. MCT oil is sourced sustainably and is derived 100% from coconuts. We have made a choice to cut out Palm Oil MCT entirely. We believe in sustaining our environment and preserving the life in our rain forests."

This past week I've been trying a new morning coffee.  Coconut Oil (per MCT oil) infused coffee.  Using Caveman Coffee Co. Compostable coffee capsules and Caveman Coffee MCT oil.

Done right, I think you'll like this!

Do not just add oil to your coffee cup and expect to like it and drink it.  Well, you might, but it's kind of gross.  You know oil and water don't mix.  So you'll have a cup of coffee with a layer of oil floating on it.  Instead, blend it.


I know a lot of people use a blender to blend their coffee and MCT oil.  

Those people obviously like to clean their blenders more than I do or have more time to clean their blenders than I do.  

I suggest a stick blender.  I own a Cuisinart brand stick blender.  It's QUICK and EASY and FAST and works right in my coffee cup.  NO MESS.

I do have to say I like my coffee dark.  And strong.  And black.  Probably stronger than most of my readers.  So I opt more for an 'espresso' sized brew of the coffee capsule (k-cup).  I brew at 4 ounces but of course you can brew at the normal 8 oz. or whatever size you wish.

Add your MCT oil (I'd start with just 1 teaspoon and slowly work your way up after you see how you do.  It can have a laxative effect for some in larger doses.)  Now use your stick blender, placed into your cup, hit the button and blend for about 5 seconds and you get a creamy, frothy, amazing 'latte' style drink.  And if you wish to make a flavored latte drink, just add a splash of your favorite sugar free coffee syrup or sweetener!

It's heavenly.

A creamy, foamy latte style drink

Here is another thing I like about the Caveman Coffee brand... eco-friendly coffee pods!  Bypassing the plastic that is quickly filling our landfills, by producing packaging for their coffee and their k-cup style pods with materials that can be composted and used in your garden.

The coffee used in this coconut oil infused coffee trial is Caveman Coffee Co. Sabertooth Roast.

The Sabertooth Roast is smoky on the nose, with notes of campfire marshmallows, vanilla pipe tobacco, and toasted hazelnuts. It touts a balanced smoothness with a hint of lemon peel on the finish.

Thank you Caveman Coffee Co. for providing the ingredients for this post.


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