Using your Food Storage: Healthy, All Natural Peanut Butter - Homemade from Peanut Powder

This post is sponsored by Valley Food Storage

There is a good feeling that comes with making your own foods from scratch; not to mention knowing just what is IN your foods.  No preservatives, chemicals or artificial anything!

One of the items I always have on hand is peanut powder.  I keep this on hand not only in our emergency storage, but I use it my daily cooking - (My Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars - yum!)

Valley Food Storage is a company specializing in long term storage food.  Most of their items are packaged for up to 25 year storage in optimal storage conditions; but their foods are also terrific for every day use, traveling and camping or hiking.  They are always adding new products to their line and reached out to me to test a couple of their freeze dried items as well as their peanut powder.

What I loved right off the bat was the really long ingredients listing.

Ingredients: Peanuts

That's it. Peanuts.

Opening the package I really loved how finely ground it was! Unlike another brand I've used in the past (and no longer buy) that was grainy, this is fine grained and smells so fresh!

The true test of any peanut powder isn't how it works in things like smoothies or baked goods because the flavor and texture can be masked by other products.  No, the real test is to see if it makes a good everyday peanut butter!  I need it to be smooth, fresh tasting, delicious and so good I could eat it with a spoon, not just on a sandwich.

To re-hydrate into peanut butter you use equal portions of powder and water to start.

Here is 2 Tablespoons of Valley Food Storage Peanut Powder mixed with 2 Tablespoons water....  quickly mixed with a spoon.  Wow.  It was mixing so quickly and easily, but best of all?  Smooth!

After you have it mixed, you can leave it as is with nothing else in it for a really healthy version but you will probably want to add a couple items to make the flavor 'pop' and taste more like the peanut butter we Americans are all accustomed to.  Our regular 'off the store shelf' peanut actually adds a number of items including corn syrup (sugar), salt, oils, etc.

I suggest adding just two items;  salt and either a natural sweetener or honey!   You will want to do taste tests on how much you want to add but a good starting point for 2 T powder mixed with 2 T water is a shake (dash) of salt and about 1/2 teaspoon honey or sweetener.  Mix.  Let it set for a minute or two for the flavors to meld together a bit.  Now taste test.  Add a little more sweetener if you wish or a few more grains of salt.  Again: the normal American is used to peanut butter that has a lot of sweeteners in it so you may have to teach your body what true homemade, healthier and less sweet versions taste like.

I found this peanut powder to be so good!  I actually ate it all with a spoon and didn't even make it into a sandwich or anything else. 

Not only did I think it was really good, but it's now my current #1 favorite brand for purchasing.  It blows my previous brands out of the water in fresh taste and texture.

If you like crunchy style peanut butter so chop up some dry roasted peanuts with your food chopper or your food processor (just PULSE quickly do not let it run!) and add the amount you wish to your homemade peanut butter.

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