February 28, 2019

Fresh off the Grill: Cheese Stuffed Double Patty Cheeseburgers!

I don't really have time to post this morning but the guilt and the sight of all the hundreds of unposted recipes I have just waiting for their turn is not letting me put it off any longer so I decided to find a very, very quick 'recipe' to post so I could at least cross "Update An American Housewife" off my list.

This is it.  Not really a recipe so much as a reminder to make them again!

Stuffed Double Patty Cheeseburgers

Ground beef
Seasoning you prefer in your meat
Cheese of choice
Optional items to make your favorite cheeseburger:  lettuce, tomatoes, onions, ketchup, mustard, etc

Divide your ground beef into equal sized portions about the size of a large walnut.  Remember to keep them smaller than normal because you are using two of them for each burger.  Now form each into a thin patty.  Choose the cheese you prefer.  I almost went for Cheddar Jack on the night I made these and took photos, but I really was in the mood for the creamy Swiss American blend instead so that is the white cheese I used in the photos.  You do not have to cut them as I did but I will say that using a cookie scoop for the patty measurements, along with my round cookie cutter made it SO EASY as they fit together perfectly and quickly!  Press two patties together with the cheese in the center.  Seal the edges as you form the patty.  Now pop them into the freezer while you preheat the grill.  Grill as usual until your burgers are done.  Serve as you wish!  (We are strict low carbing right now so I didn't eat mine with a bun... so I have no 'bun' photo for the website today.)

I'll add links to round cookie cutters at the bottom of this post

Cookie scoop links available at the bottom of this post

I use my round cookie cutters for SO MANY THINGS! The least of which is cookies!

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