December 01, 2022

Hundreds of Christmas Cookie Recipes - lists and photos and links... oh my!

Older post, re-posting for 2022!

Years (and years and years) ago I started off simply enough by making about 3-4 different Christmas goodies for my husband and I, and soon after, our new baby daughter.  Every year it seemed I was adding "one" more recipe (and adding "one" more baby... ha!).  

Each year the family members had a favorite I "had" to make and couldn't leave out, but I also had new recipes I wanted to try, or 'old' recipes I wanted to make from my own family traditions growing up.

The list grew.  And grew. Soon I was making on average, about 14-15 different items.  And then my husband wanted to do something special for his co-workers so we decided to send in a tray of goodies for the break-room.

We had no idea THAT little decision would impact the next 20 years of me baking for them every year but it did!

As I baked for family and extended family and friends, as well as little gifts for teachers, the mailman, etc. I was also now making up trays for between 85-125 people at my husbands companies (he switched jobs a few times through the next 20 years but somehow I always ended up baking for them).

For the past 12 years or so I think the average number of different recipes I make is somewhere around 24-26.  

I don't let it go higher - so if I'm adding something new that year, I typically take off a different recipe from the list.  Sometimes I try a new recipe and it's fine - or even great - but I don't add it to the 'permanent' recipe list.  

I change things up every year based on what I feel like making, what people request, what ingredients I can find... some are more difficult than others some years - and depending on where in the United States we live at the time. 

Even the trays or boxes or ways I package of the goodies change each year.

Since I answer to no one but myself (and I don't sell them) I can do what I want, when I want and how I want.  So it stays "FUN" instead of a drudgery. 



I've been doing this for SO LONG that I don't really care to re-invent the lists and posts yet AGAIN. Seriously... I think this particular version of my site goes back to 2006.  Instead... I'll just cut and paste of the many lists I've made at some point in the past, as well a few random photos of goodies and links - no particular order or reason.


December 1st:  Molasses Cookies
December 2nd:  Chocolate Caramel Thumbprints
December 3rd:  Peppermint Pinwheels
December 4th:  Candy Striped Cookie Sticks
December 5th:  Peppermint Teacakes
December 6th:  Peanut Butter Patties
December 7th:  Peanut Butter Fudge
December 8th:  Sugar Cookies:  Snowflakes with Edible Glitter
December 9th:  Swedish Rosettes
December 10th:  Cream Wafer Cookies
December 11th:  Cherry Poppy Seed Winks
December 12th:  Peppermint Pretzels
December 13th:  Candy Pretzels
December 14th:  Homemade Truffles
December 15th:  Cream Horns
December 16th:  The Best Brownies
December 17th:  Red Velvet Cake Balls
December 18th:  Glazed Sugar Cookies
December 19th:  Gateau Bon Bons
December 20th:  No Bake Chocolate Bars
December 21st:  Peppermint Meltaways
December 22nd:  Melted Snowman Cookies
December 23rd: No Bake Fruitcake Bars
December 24th:  Mini Peanut Blossom Muffin Cookies


 RANDOM LINKS FROM OVER THE YEARS......... 2006 - 2020


Peppermint Melt-aways

 Christmas Cake Balls

Cream Horns




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