Lunch on the Beach

This morning in 2 different email boxes I received updates from 4 different hotel chains on my account balance, reward points and special offers. They really know when to send them as I sit here and stare out my window at the snow dusted roofs and know that even though the sun is out, it's a balmy (eh!) 18 degree's out there! Right now you can get awesome deals at hotels all over the country from a free stay at hotels to special packages. Well, it worked. Our family is indeed planning a quick vacation later this month and I'm in the process of working up our menu and grocery list as we have a full sized kitchen in our room, complete with dishes, pots, pans - even mixing bowls and a hand mixer.

We've been going to the same hotel/resort for 15 years now so we have a certain schedule down, which includes going grocery shopping the first night we arrive. There are also certain foods we are sure to make; one of which are are huge hit and favorite - but oh so simple - sub sandwiches! We plan these for our first 'full' day at the beach. Frozen water bottles, sandwiches and chips make a quick and easy meal and since I wrap each sandwich individually they are cold and fresh and best of all? Just what each family member likes!

Sandwich Buns
american cheese
provolone cheese
swiss cheese
dressings - (Italian, ranch, etc.)
green peppers

Whatever your family likes! Make the sandwiches and wrap tightly in saran wrap. Using a Sharpie marker write on the outside which sandwich is which; ham and swiss with mayo, turkey bacon ranch, ham and american... and then pack in a cooler with frozen water bottles and fruit, etc. The water bottles will slowly thaw while you enjoy the beach and by the time 12:30 comes around the water will be ready to drink, the sandwiches cold and the fruit, delicious!

The little dots are sesame seeds of the buns... LOL.
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