Another Installment on Saving Money at the Grocery Store and More!

While we've been trying to save up for a family vacation on a frugal budget, I just had the news yesterday that my vehicle needs upwards of $800 worth of work before we can take it on that very vacation. The only money I have to my name right now is ear marked for... that very vacation next week! So this morning as I prepare to run errands and buy our household items and groceries for the week 'saving money' is very much on my mind. The perfect time for another installment of Saving Money on Groceries; don't you think?

More tips on saving money at the grocery store:

Know Your Prices: I've seen people walk through the grocery store with a 'price book' - a little book they use to keep track of the normal range of prices for the foods they buy for their family, the stores that usually have the best sales and what a good sale price is. This is a great idea if you need to do so - but admittedly, if you are the main grocery-purchaser in your home you probably already know the 'good' prices by heart and don't need to actually carry around a book. I know I do. Meats, dairy, cereals, etc. I can tell you in a heartbeat, standing in front of the item if the size has been reduced, if the regular price has jumped or if it's a good sale this week. If your 'other half' is doing the grocery shopping for you and isn't familiar (like my husband) it is very, very helpful to write down the approximate size and price of the item you want them to pick up. Let them know that if it's more than $X amount that it isn't a good buy and to either look for another equivalent or bypass that item all together.

Use Coupons: I know they are a pain, time consuming to organize and frankly, aren't what they used to be a few years ago - but whenever you can, use them for items you really do use. Don't let a coupon convince you to spend more on their brand name than you would otherwise though! If you normally buy "Smith" brand for $2.00 and you have a coupon for "Jones" brand that will still come to $2.30 - obviously that isn't saving you money! Keep them organized in a way that makes sense to you to make your savings system efficient and quick.

Keep Your Pantry, Fridge & Cupboards Organized: Although I don't actually alphabetize my canned goods and spices... anymore... I do keep them organized, in rows and labels turned out. A lot of money is wasted due to disorganization. Case in point - last night my 16 year old sons best friend came to pick him up. I asked about their dinner plans and the friend replied they would probably eat Pop-Tarts for dinner at his house. Pop-Tarts!??? "Yeah, cuz we have like, 150 of them." Apparently his mother shopped at a warehouse store and bought two large boxes of them. However they were shoved to the back of a pantry, she forgot she bought them, didn't see them and bought two more. They now have over 150 Pop-Tarts. LOL. So organize those cupboards. Don't waste money on items you may already have!Print Friendly and PDF