Although it seems like an Autumn food to me...for some reason I always start to crave Tiramisu in the Spring. Two years ago I took my husband out for his February Birthday to a European style coffee house near us with the most amazing coffee and stunning pastries. We enjoyed our afternoon tremendously and shared tiramisu and coffee cake over a rich, deep, delicious coffee.

Because this particular cafe was not in a very good location, many people did not know it existed and it closed down soon after. I've yet to find anyone who could make desserts as luscious as this bakery could... but that's ok because I make my own version which may not be as beautiful as theirs, but tastes just as perfect.

This is a blast from the past from June of 2007 but it's Spring... and the craving it back. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


1 lb. mascarpone cheese
6 eggs, separated
2 packages Ladyfingers
4 T sugar
1/2 t vanilla
2 oz. brandy
8 espresso's (2 pots of the 4 cup Melitta Espresso maker that I own - you judge yours)
3 T cocoa (approximately)

Bring all ingredients to room temperature for easier whipping. When you make the espresso pour it into a flat bottomed container (not a bowl) and add 1 oz. brandy and 1 t of the cocoa.

In your mixing bowl mix the egg yolks and sugar until it's creamy, pale yellow and thick. Add 1 oz. brandy and the mascarpone cheese. Continue beating until blended and smooth. In another bowl beat the egg whites and vanilla until light and quadrupled in size. They will hold their shape when you lift the beaters. Fold the beaten egg whites into the mascarpone mixture. Do not over mix and do not use an electric mixer or you will ruin it. Fold by hand until blended and light.

Dip each of the lady finger cookies quickly into the espresso and place in the bottom of a 9X13 dish. Place sugar side down and cover the bottom. (Do not let the cookie sit in the espresso. Just dip and remove.) When the bottom is covered, add a layer of the mascarpone about one centimeter in hight. Add another layer of dipped ladyfingers and another layer of mascarpone. Top it off by sprinkling the top of the dessert with cocoa to cover. Refrigerate overnight.

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