Vegetarian Meals Are Available at Medieval Times

Greetings from the beach - where we are having a wonderful time now that the rain has stayed away for 3 days in a row! I've been far busier than I thought I would be and haven't gotten to post but I was excited to show my readers my delicious meal at the Medieval Times Dinner Show.

We've attended this show for many, many years now; so many that I am sure my family could step in and play the parts of the actors if needed. My husband and I have suggested more than a few times that we move on from attending on our annual trek to the beach but the kids insist it's 'tradition!' and so we spend the oodles of money to attend... and they enjoy it and it's all worth while.

For those of you who have never visited, it's a show put on inside a large 'castle' with a king, a princess, knights and horses. Jousting tournaments and other presentations are put on while you eat a 'feast' of roast chicken, a potato wedge, bbq rib, soup, garlic bread and pastry.... with your fingers. Because we all know they didn't have silverware back then!

This year when I made our reservations I opted for the vegetarian meal. My regular readers know that although I'm not a die-hard vegetarian I do enjoy meatless meals and seafood and of course my all time favorite foods are vegetables! It seemed fitting and in the end; an excellent choice.

The vegetarian fare is able to be ordered ahead of time if you order your tickets online, but as your wench or peasant waiter introduces themselves to you before the meal they will ask if there are any vegetarians in the group. Raise your hand, they'll note the separate fare and warn you that you will get your meal 'a few minutes' after everyone else. This may mean 10 minutes... be forewarned. You may end up eating really, really quickly before the plates are cleared for everyone.

The vegetarian fare was... excellent. Starting with the same tomato based soup and garlic bread as everyone else, your meal changes when you are served a rice and bean pilaf supposedly inside a portobello mushroom (although I thought they forgot the mushroom at first, it was there... just a black, flat piece of soggy mushroom hiding underneath the rice. It was still good though! And a skewer of delicious briefly grilled vegetables with a very slight lemon seasoning as well as a side of hummus and pita chips. Dessert is the same as the other meals; an apple pastry.

Overall I have to give both their meals a thumbs up; Regular or vegetarian both are tasty for a family oriented touristy dinner show.Print Friendly and PDF