July 01, 2006

About Me

The name "American Housewife" stems from an idea for a cookbook I'd love to put out. Somehow I never felt the time was right or I didn't have the funds to make it happen... but then the internet came along and the chance to have a recipe website presented itself to me. The name American Housewife was a natural. As for the url of the site; housewifebarbie - well, that stems from a joke.

Back in the late 90's I was a full time Mommy with three children under the age of 5. I loved cooking, baking, sewing, crafts and everything to do with babies and children. My friends dubbed me the Original Housewife Barbie... after the Barbie doll that has done everything from being an astronaut to a doctor to a teacher, but never 'just a housewife'. I was deemed the original Housewife Barbie and when I had to think of an original url for a website it again seemed only natural to use it.

I am a busy wife and mother with three teenagers. Cooking and baking come naturally to me and I rarely use recipes... instead I look to them for guidance and ideas and then do my own thing. In our family it's a joke that the only time something doesn't turn out for me is when I actually follow a recipe to the tee. LOL.

This site is a collection of recipes I've gained over the past 25 years since I was in Junior High. Some from the 1,000 recipe books and magazines I have, some from the internet, some from friends, family members, my grandmothers old handwritten school notebook from cooking class and various other places. It's a collection of recipes that also includes those that I've made up myself for my own family. Enjoy!Print Friendly and PDF