Quick and Simple Grilled Steak

Last night I prepared a dinner that included some delicious steak. However, I didn't make up my mind that we were having steak until just 2 hours before it was to hit the table, ready and waiting. I usually like to marinate it for a couple hours (or use a Montreal steak seasoning) but I took it out of the freezer, cut open the packaging and decided to wing it. I sprinkled and poured a few ingredients on top of the frozen steaks and left them for about 1 1/2 hours. I heated up the grill and placed the still frozen steaks on the grill to cook as normal. They were amazing. Tender and juicy and absolutely perfect. The flavor was great as well. Not too strong, not too mellow.

If you want to have steak tonight and they are sitting frozen in your deep freeze right now, don't let that stop you. Give it a try!

Quick and Simple Grilled Steak
(nothing measured)

4-6 good quality steaks
soy sauce
fresh garlic, chopped or minced
brown sugar (I used Brown Sugar Twin)
Salt or Lawry's Salt
oil (canola, or even the spray Pam style)

Drizzle soy sauce, garlic, brown sugar and salt over the frozen steaks in a container or pan to marinate. If you are using Pam style spray, spray the tops just before placing them on the hot grill. If you are using canola or olive oil, drizzle it on the steaks at any time. If you remember, flip the steaks once during the 1-6 hours you can marinate them. If you don't remember, that's ok too! Grill as usual to your degree of doneness. I like to grill about 7-8 minutes per side and serve just barely medium. Cook them 10-15 minutes each side if you prefer them to be well done.Print Friendly and PDF