August 20, 2007

Scalloped Carrots - an older, vintage style recipe

Growing up in the Mid West as a child I had a regular diet of 'scalloped' vegetables. In the heartland we scallop almost everything; zucchini, corn, potatoes, oysters... even carrots.  I didn't make this one but keep it on file as it sounded comforting and good.

This is an old 'grandma' style recipe and uses canned soup and some seasoned bread stuffing.


 Scalloped Carrots 

 4 c. sliced peeled carrots 

1 medium onion, chopped 

3 T butter 

1 can condensed cream of celery soup 

salt and pepper 

1/2 c grated Cheddar cheese 

3 c. seasoned bread stuffing 

1/3 c melted butter 


Cook carrots in microwave or stove top until just tender. Drain. Saute' onion in 3 Tb. butter until soft. Stir in soup, salt, pepper, cheese and carrots. Place in greased 2 qt. casserole dish. Toss bread stuffing mix with 1/3 c. melted butter. Spoon over carrots. Bake in 350 'til thoroughly heated, about 20 min.





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