November 12, 2007

Make Ahead Gravy or Do Ahead Gravy

Last year, the week before Thanksgiving I posted a recipe for Make Ahead Gravy. I want to draw attention to it this week (and will probably mention it next week too!) because I've noticed a lot of people on the internet searching for versions of this. The only real trick to make ahead gravy is that the rue is made from flour and butter so it doesn't separate like a corn starch thickened gravy will.

I started making this back around 1991 and it is by far the absolute best tasting gravy I've ever had. I'm always trying 'new' recipes through out the year just to make sure I'm serving my family the best of everything - but I always go back to this one. Thanksgiving will never be celebrated in our home without this recipe!

The link is above by clicking on the words. You can make it now and refrigerate in a tightly sealed container in the coldest part of your refrigerator or freeze it until you need it.Print Friendly and PDF