December 08, 2007

Bisquick Chocolate Chip Cookies

When I first saw this recipe I am pretty sure my brows furrowed and I had a little bit of a pinched look on my face. You see, I've never been a Bisquick kind of girl. Not even as a teenaged newlywed with only 1 cookbook to my name and little more than salt and pepper for spices in my apartment cupboard.

I love to collect recipes though, especially recipes that intrigue me. I decided that this one was worth trying some day when I remembered to pick up the Bisquick mix at the store. I still haven't picked it up though. Through the years I believe I have purchased Bisquick twice. Both times for pancakes when I was too lazy to mix the mix myself. LOL. However, I know that some people *always* have Bisquick on hand and in their cupboards. And for my own collection as well as to offer my readers a chocolate chip cookie that not only starts with a Bisquick base but adds delicious bits of toffee, this one is for you!

Chocolate Chip Skor Cookies

1 C. butter flavored Crisco
2 C. packed brown sugar
2 tsp. vanilla
3 eggs, beaten
5½ C. Bisquick
1 (12 oz.) pkg. mini semisweet chocolate chips
1 (10 oz.) pkg. Skor or Heath toffee chips
1 C. chopped pecans* optional
1-2 T. water (if needed)

Preheat oven to 350ยบ.

Mix Crisco, brown sugar, vanilla, and eggs in a large bowl, using a mixer. Stir in baking mix, all chips, and pecans. If dough appears too dry, add a little water, one tablespoon at a time. Drop by rounded teaspoonfuls about 2" apart on a cookie sheet that has been sprayed with a non-stick cooking spray. Bake about 11 minutes or until golden. Transfer to wire racks to cool completely. Store in airtight container.Print Friendly and PDF