December 15, 2007

Christmas Decorations! Don't Just String Popcorn! String cranberries or even Jelly Beans!

A few times when the kids were younger we strung popcorn to hang on the tree. The trick of course is to use popcorn that is at least a day or two old. Fresh popcorn falls apart. *grin*

However, why stop with popcorn? Have some fun!! Depending on your color scheme, theme or just your own interest (or what you have on hand?) string other things.

How beautiful to string cranberries! The brilliant deep reds would be gorgeous. Toffee coated popcorn! How pretty with the caramel colored glaze.

My favorite? Jellybeans!

What a great fun project to do with kids... and if you have a brightly colored 'family' tree it would look great with the colorful jellybeans strung through the branches. The great thing about jelly beans is that they hold their shape well, they are easy to thread and you have so many color combinations you could coordinate your string of candy to almost any theme - even a more elegant ivory and gold, or burgundy and cream. Got an NFL themed tree in your home? Choose your jellybeans to match!

Christmas is a time for fun... this is just one more way to add it.

PS: We had to stop using these altogether when we got our cats. They even climbed up the center of the tree and knocked the upper branches until one of my gingerbread ornaments fell to the ground and then ate it! Smart little buggers that they are.

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