St. Nicholas Day Cookies

This morning I was looking through my photo files to post on Christmas cookies when I found this picture of a cookie I had came across 2 or 3 (?) years ago and saved a copy to make for the feast of St. Nicholas, which is December 6th.

Well, it's now December 13th so I obviously found it 1 week too late to make them for the feast day. However! By putting them here in my online collection I will remember to decorate St. Nick cookies similar to this next year.

The photo shows a traditional gingerbread base but I'll make mine on sugar cookie. The details are really, all in the frosting. A few small tips on the frosting bags, colors pink, red, green, white... maybe I'll do the center in blue since the dark cookie won't be showing through. Lastly, will be the gold dusting powder. (They sell edible metallic dusting powders in the cake and cookie decorating aisles in the Wilton's decor area of fabric stores, craft stores and of course cake decorating businesses!)

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