Dicing Celery Quick and Easy!

This almost seems like a silly entry to me, but as I was dicing celery I realized that my Mother never taught me to dice celery, and really, I don't believe she ever, in her life did! She chopped it, by slicing each stalk for a vegetable soup perhaps, but sometimes you want a smaller 'dice' and you would like them to be rather uniform, say... in a crab stuffing recipe.

So as crazy and silly as I feel typing this post out, I think perhaps it will help a new cook who just never thought about it.

After cutting off the bottom and the top leafy part of your celery, wash each stalk well, getting any dirt or grime out of the grooves. Instead of simply slicing the stalk, lay it down on a cutting board and slice each stalk into two or three long stalks. Keeping them held together with your index and thumb, now cut crosswise, about every 1/4 inch, slicing through all three pieces of the stalk of celery.

You know have very small, uniform, diced celery pieces in the amount of time it would have taken you to simply slice them into large bites. This is also great when you have kids that don't like 'big chunks' of celery, and it makes them saute' and cook so much more quickly!Print Friendly and PDF