How to Slice a Bread Bowl Deli Sandwich

Did everyone enjoy their Super Bowl foods? I quickly snapped a picture of the Bread Bowl Sandwich yesterday before I sliced it, but I only took one as my daughters friends were coming into the kitchen and although my kids are used to me taking pictures of our food, I'm sure their friends would think I'm a nut.

I thought I would take a moment to point out that if you make this recipe (link below and on the side) instead of cutting into triangles, it's best to cut it into 'slices'. You start with one cut across the entire round, to cut it in half.

Slice each 'half' into slices. These lay down great on a plate for serving and people can eat them with their fingers or a fork.

To make slicing and eating easier be sure you are pressing the ingredients down firmly when you are assembling the sandwich and that you wrap it tightly in saran wrap and make it well ahead of time. 24 hours ahead of time is perfect!

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