April 10, 2010

That Eight Glasses of Water Thing? Myth.

Don't believe one person can make a difference in this world? Well, fifteen years ago someone in the marketing department of a bottled water corporation thought of the "Eight glasses of water" angle to sell their product and look how it caught on! If you try to find a study or basis for the 8 glasses of water myth; you can't.

You Don’t Need Eight Glasses of Water

Besides water, even caffeinated drinks like coffee, tea and soda count toward your daily fluid intake. You don’t necessarily have to add eight glasses of water to what you already drink during the day to stay hydrated and healthy, according to Dartmouth Medical School and many, many others. Even juicy foods like apples and leafy greens count toward a healthy total fluid intake, notes Parenting magazine. Here is what I taught my children and here is what I'll tell you; "What color is your urine?" If it's very dark, then you need more water or liquids in your diet. If it is so clear there is hardly any color at all, then you are drinking too much water. A nice light yellow, straw color is good.

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