April 14, 2010

Use Eggs Past the Stamped Date to Make Your Hard Boiled Eggs

When it comes to hints and tips in the kitchen I'm always happy to pass some along because what seems like common sense to one person is an eye opening hint to another. Take 'old eggs' for example.

Unless those eggs in your refrigerator are 3 months old... don't toss them. Regardless of whether the sell-by date on your carton of eggs has passed, you can generally keep them in your fridge for three to five weeks, the USDA says.

Grandma knows and now you do too that you want to use eggs that are at least a week or two old to make your hard boiled eggs.

Fresh eggs will not peel easily when hard boiled.
Eggs that are at least a week or two old peel instantly, in large pieces.

Ignore all the false myths about vinegar, piercing with a needle, starting with a certain temperature of water, etc. The one and only hint you need is never use freshly bought or laid eggs for hard boiling.

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