Velveeta Cheese Roll

Why do I feel a little embarrassed to post recipes that involve that oddity of foods; Velveeta? I didn't grow up in a household that used or bought it, but when I married my husband (a die-hard Velveeta fan) it became a staple of our home as well. It's a processed food, but it melts so smooth and is so perfect for many recipes that sometimes you just got to give in! *Grin*

Velveeta Cheese Roll

1 2 lb box Velveeta cheese
1 8 oz pkg. Cream cheese
chopped jalepeno peppers
chopped green olives w/pimentos
chopped green onions

Let Velveeta and cream cheese sit out till softened.
Roll out Velveeta between two sheets of wax paper into a rectangle.
Spread cream cheese in a thin layer on top of Velveeta.
Sprinkle remainder of the ingredients on top of cream cheese.

Next, start rolling from the wide side of the rectangle, jelly roll style. This is difficult and it's not a nice, simple, tight roll. Do your best.
Wrap in wax paper, then aluminum foil and chill.

Turn out onto a serving platter and serve with crackers.Print Friendly and PDF